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Photo Album

  • Farm Day
  • Waiting to go through the hay maze
  • We learned a lot about pigs.
  • Does this look fun or what?
  • We all got to touch the horse after we learned a bit about him.
  • August 2014 - Our girls.
  • Aug. 2014 - Our boys.
  • We all got to sit in the driver's seat of the tractor.
  • Our class Aug. 2014.
  • A great looking bunch!  Aug. 2014
  • Our snowman writing.  How do you make a snowman?
  • Snowy creations.
  • Greenbush field trip - Engineering and Literacy
  • Making a 100 bead necklace.
  • What words can YOU make from the letters in
  • Greenbush field trip fun.
  • 100 posters were fun to make.
  • Working on a 100 bead necklace.
  • Wow, a 100 Lego poster!
  • Counting 100 beads.
  • Working on a 100 bead necklace.
  • Stringing a necklace on the 100th day of school.
  • Creativity and writing go hand in hand.
  • Can you build a house of sticks?
  • Our snowy friends.
  • Building a house of sticks.  Those Three Little Pigs were more talented than we thought!
  • Our house of bricks.
  • Look at this house of bricks.
  • A house of bricks and happy students.
  • Building a house of bricks at Greenbush.
  • We are all master builders at Greenbush.
  • We can build a house of bricks.
  • Check out our house of bricks at Greenbush.
  • Learning about the sun, moon and stars at Greenbush.
  • Learning with globes and iPads is cool.
  • Greenbush field trip.
  • Partner reading with 5th grade to get ready for Dr. Seuss week.
  • Partner reading with 5th grade.
  • Reading with 5th grade is great.
  • Sharing interesting books with 5th grade.
  • Partner reading with 5th grade for Dr. Seuss week.
  • Reading, listening and fun with 5th grade.
  • Reading with 5th grade.
  • Even our mice got in on the reading fun when 5th grade came to visit.
  • Sharing books with 5th graders is fun.
  • Reading and sharing with 5th grade.
  • Taking AR tests after we finished reading with 5th grade.

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