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Plan time is 1:30-2:30 daily
Farm Day Waiting to go through the hay mazeWe learned a lot about pigs.Does this look fun or what?We all got to touch the horse after we learned a bit about him.August 2014 - Our girls.Aug. 2014 - Our boys.We all got to sit in the driver's seat of the tractor.Our class Aug. 2014.A great looking bunch!  Aug. 2014Our snowman writing.  How do you make a snowman?Snowy creations.Greenbush field trip - Engineering and LiteracyMaking a 100 bead necklace.What words can YOU make from the letters in "one hundred"?Greenbush field trip fun.100 posters were fun to make.Working on a 100 bead necklace.Wow, a 100 Lego poster!Counting 100 beads.Working on a 100 bead necklace.Stringing a necklace on the 100th day of school.Creativity and writing go hand in hand.Can you build a house of sticks?Our snowy friends.Building a house of sticks.  Those Three Little Pigs were more talented than we thought!Our house of bricks.Look at this house of bricks.A house of bricks and happy students.Building a house of bricks at Greenbush.We are all master builders at Greenbush.We can build a house of bricks.Check out our house of bricks at Greenbush.Learning about the sun, moon and stars at Greenbush.Learning with globes and iPads is cool.Greenbush field trip.Partner reading with 5th grade to get ready for Dr. Seuss week.Partner reading with 5th grade.Reading with 5th grade is great.Sharing interesting books with 5th grade.Partner reading with 5th grade for Dr. Seuss week.Reading, listening and fun with 5th grade.Reading with 5th grade.Even our mice got in on the reading fun when 5th grade came to visit.Sharing books with 5th graders is fun.Reading and sharing with 5th grade.Taking AR tests after we finished reading with 5th grade.