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Researcher is Alexandria's default search interface; intuitive enough for younger patrons, yet powerful enough for everyone.This interface also allows you to search our library collection using the advanced Boolean modifiers ( And, Or, And Not, and Through ).




The Jefferson Library Media Center is open during school hours 7:55-3:16. Students and staff are welcome to use the library before and after school as well.  





First and second grades may check out two books. 

Students check out books during their scheduled class library time each week, but students are always welcome to come on a daily basis with their teacher's permission to check out books.

Students who need to check out more books for a classroom assignment may exceed their limit of checkouts with permission.

Students with overdue books may not check out any more books until the item(s) have been returned or paid for.  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, students will need to pay for a library bound replacement.

If a student pays for a lost book and then the book is returned, we will refund the payment.




Mrs.Tammy Prather Mrs. Mona Melvin






  • Listen to the librarian.
  • Inquire (ask) if you need help.
  • Be respecful of others.
  • Read and talk quietly.
  • Always walk, never run.
  • Return books to their proper places.
  • Your manners are appreciated!


  • If students do not follow rules ~ Blocks taken away. 
  • If a student is asked twice to stop behavior ~ sent back to tables or by door to wait for teacher.
  • If student is out of control ~ sent to classroom or the office.


  • Blocks are used to earn points for popcorn & a book movie
  • Five class points ~ Popcorn & Movie 




High school students enroll to be a mentor in the library media center.  Allen Community College students may be a mentor as part of their work study program. Mentors read books to our first grade students, help them take Accelerated Reader quizzes, and shelve books during their class block. Our mentors are a vital part of our reading program!

Volunteers are always welcome in the library media center! Adults from the community read books and Accelerated Reader quizzes to our students. Volunteers may set days and times at their convenience. Our reading success is due in part to our volunteers!